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Fine prints are available in the following media:

C-prints on archival paper, color custom-processed
Giclee prints on fine-art paper or canvas

Print Size
8 x 10
11 x 14
20 x 30
30 x 40
Unmatted and signed, with prints 20 x 30 and above available in limited edition of seven. Shipping fees and handling vary depending on destination, size, and weight. Full payment is required before shipping.Standard delivery time is three to five weeks.You may exchange your print within ten days of receiving it for another image of the same size or larger. All exchange work should be returned undamaged and packed in original material. By purchasing an original fine art print from Ruth Gilmore the customer agrees to abide by local and federal copyright law. Unless with full written consent, no complete or partial aspect of any image may be used, copied, duplicated, manipulated or changed by any type of artistic technique, technology or media in existence now or in the future.

My heart first opened to photography when I attended a workshop at my home with Robert Leverant, author of Zen and the Art of Photography. We focused on the inner stillness needed to be present in the subtle, magic moment when the image is both captured and set free to live on.

This experience led me to study black-and-white photography at San Miguel, Mexico, and Berkeley, California. In 1979, my current yoga practice began and I became aware of light and shadow as structural elements, as alive, as the material world they shape.

Meditation has been my greatest teacher. The camera is my good friend, a way of expressing my love for life and all it offers. Through my photos I express my gratitude. In our present-day focus on speed and multi-tasking, there is a tendency to lose oneself. Today the contemplation of beauty is more important than ever.

My work "Welcome the Light" is an invitation to stop, look, and experience the wonder of nature, for that connects us to the world around us and to our deeper self. For that moment we can feel the delicious gift of life.

Group Exhibitions

Sanchez Art Center, Pacifica, California

DeYoung Museum, San Francisco, California

California College of the Arts, San Francisco, California

Spring for Arts, San Francisco, California

Epoch Gallery, Berkeley, California

Turn of the Century Fine Arts, Berkeley, California

Centro De Arte Moderno De Guadalupe, Mexico

Liberty Museum and Art Century, Liberty, New York

The Forestburg Playhouse, Forestburg, New York

Solo Exhibitions

Spanda Gallery, Oakland, California

Beck Gallery, Liberty, New York

Kershner Gallery, Fairfield, Connecticut


Framed, Fine Arts Magazine

Darshan Magazine

Prasad, Maharashtra, India

Yoga for Body, Mind, and Spirit Series, TV, Canada

Billyís Mime, TV special

Private Collections

Governorís Mansion, Michigan

Dr. John Y. Kwan, Berkeley, California

Eric Walstedt, Art Consultant, New York City

Chetana Kerel, San Juan Islands, Washington

  For more information contact:  Ruth Gilmore  (510) 862-2382 or e-mail: ewalstedt@nyc.rr.com or photos@ruthgilmore.com
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